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Good Credit Management  Recommendations &  Help About Collecting Unpaid Sales Invoices  The survival and  success of all small, medium and large businesses is  contingent upon receipt of payment from customers in respect of the product and services that the business provides and invoice for. It is not  enough to  get the sales order and provide […]

Trucking Invoice Factoring Companies

  Four Forms of Factors    Pretty much, there are four  forms of factors:. – large, institution  invoice factoring companies, – full-service discount  factoring companies: – niche  invoice factoring companies, and- factor brokers.    Despite the fact that full-service  Trucking Invoice Factoring  Companies comprise the  biggest  number of  receivable financing companies in the United States, […]

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Improve Your Money Flow employing FACTORING     Compared to a  small business loan, the receivable factoring company  authorization process can take  no more than a week. The  trick to a  prompt approval process is a  comprehensive and  correct  clientele profile. You can save the factor hours, even days, when you are up front and […]

Trucking Factoring

Precisely how a  Fresh  Funding  Breakthrough Made  a Commonplace  Firm  Dominant  When a factor  purchases your invoices, the invoice factoring  agreement will take one of two forms: recourse or non recourse.   With recourse factoring, the factor  possesses the right to seek repayment from you if your customers fail to  pay off their invoice.  Simply […]