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Here’s Why I Would Choose Factoring Companies Instead Of A Regular Bank Funding?  Everyone who owns a business realizes that there are moments when the money leaves the business much quicker than it is coming in. This can put a company in a financial predicament , making it difficult to buy raw materials, pay their […]

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More Factoring Info – How Its Different from a Bank Loan  Different from a bank loan, a receivable factoring arrangement is a  individualized  contract which  takes into consideration the specific needs of your  firm.  This is  extremely different from the  normal banking  documentation used to  acquire a loan,  that is a  typical  contract  based upon […]

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Is Factoring For Everybody?  Using a factoring company  isn’t really for everybody. But for  agencies that  require  funds  swiftly– or don’t  like to  squabble with banks– it’s one avenue to  choose.     Companies  oftentimes need  much more cash than they have on hand. It  could be for an  urgent situation, a fleeting opportunity or, […]

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Finally It’s Time to  Have a  New Take at Asset Based Lending  There are  numerous misperceptions  amongst CFOs and finance executives when it  concerns asset-based lending. The  greatest is that asset-based lending is a financing  alternative of  last hope – one that only “desperate” companies that can’t  get a traditional bank loan or line of […]

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Offer protection to your business: 7 types of insurance coverage Setting up a business is  everything about  opportunities,  exhilaration, and promise. But it should also be a time for  guaranteeing  safeguards and security.  That  creates a comprehensive package of insurance essential for all  companies.   The  very first thing you  will need to do is to […]